A Pagan at Donner Pass

05 51 Donner Park

We treat Nature as something other, something to be conquered and exploited, never remembering that like the Donner Party, our ill-informed actions have very real consequences. [Read more...]

The Pyramids of Uxmal

Pyramid of the Magician - Uxmal

It’s easy – and satisfying – to judge our ancestors by modern standards. Some times they were wrong and we need to acknowledge it. But other times they show us how our lives and our world are less than they could be because we will not do what must be done. [Read more...]

Pilgrimage and Convocation

Walden Pond

Until fairly recently, travel was long, hard, expensive, and dangerous. Yet there has always been one reason ordinary people as well as the rich and powerful have undertaken long journeys: religious pilgrimage. [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

The Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin

Nine Things I Think – England, Wales and Ireland Edition: food in England, beer in Ireland, news in the US, and a reminder of how powerful the land can be. [Read more...]


Bryn Celli Ddu

Anglesey was a center of Druidry in ancient times and the site of the infamous Roman massacre of 61 CE. My visit there was the highlight of my recent trip, but it was not what I expected. [Read more...]


Newgrange - the entrance kerbstone

The 5000 year old passage tomb of Newgrange is beautiful and moving. It calls me to remember my ancestors, to connect to them, to honor them, and to remember that some day I will join them. [Read more...]

A Journey To The Isles

the Cliffs of Mohor

A recent trip to England, Wales and Ireland was inspiring, educational, and at times just plain fun, but there’s something to be learned from the journey too. [Read more...]

The Temple of Artemis

10 48 Temple of Artemis

At first glance Temple of Artemis is far less impressive than other temples I visited on my trip in 2012. But when you stop looking for awe-inspiring architecture and start seeing, you notice something important. The Temple of Artemis is alive. [Read more...]