If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the road to Fairy is paved with naïve assumptions. Morgan Daimler’s new book tells you what you need to know to overcome Victorian misinformation and encounter the Fair Folk effectively and respectfully. Read more

A scan through my private journals turned up a list of things I really wish I’d known in my early Pagan years. So, on the chance that you might be in the same situation, here are nine things I wish I’d known as a new Pagan. Read more

Bowdlerizing ancient stories and statues is just as wrong as trying to turn a Battle Goddess into a pinup queen. But sexy Morrigan pictures and statues are mostly inauthentic and they’re a distraction from my work for the Great Queen. Read more

Perhaps your Pagan tradition doesn’t need priests. Most do, including mine. But being a priest doesn’t mean I have all the authority, and it certainly doesn’t mean I have all the answers. As a priest there are some things I can do, and some things I can’t. Read more

In the realm of religion we frequently find ourselves in situations where integrity makes conflicting demands, where there is no clear and clean choice. Do we break a promise, or do we stay in a situation that is unsatisfying or even harmful? Read more

Here are the questions and answers for this month’s Conversations Under the Oaks, a new monthly Q&A feature. Topics include divination ethics, prayer, syncretism, and ritual. Read more

Early on the Gods seem happy we’re acknowledging Them and reaching out to Them. But as we learn and grow, more is expected of us. Errors and shortcomings are no longer glossed over – they’re pointed out so they can be corrected and we can get better at our sacred work. Read more

If someone insists you treat them like a celebrity, that’s their fault. If you do it, that’s on you. The person you’re putting on a pedestal is an ordinary human just like you. Read more

Last week Devin Hunter talked about Heaven and Hell in the sense of “the Overworld and the Underworld.” That me realize it’s not just Heaven and Hell I don’t believe in, it’s also the concept of an Upper World, Middle World, and Lower World. Read more

Meditation is most commonly associated with Buddhism, but it is practiced in every religion and occasionally by people with no religion. Its regular practice has demonstrable benefits, and it builds the skills necessary for many spiritual experiences. Read more

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