Druids: A Very Brief Introduction

Awen Flag at ECG 2013

Who were the ancient Druids? What’s a modern Druid? A full answer requires several books – here’s a very brief introduction to Druidry as I understand it and as I practice it. [Read more...]

Lessons From a First Ritual

hand bell

I wasn’t ready to lead a public ritual when I was asked to do it for the first time. Desire, reason, and the wisdom of my 9th grade history teacher helped me do it well. [Read more...]

Pan Druid Retreat

PDR 2014 02

I went to the Pan Druid Retreat with very few expectations. What I found was a Druid college and a deep connection to the spirits of a very beautiful place. [Read more...]

ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat

labyrinth at U Bar U

I had an great time at the ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat. I thank Chris Godwin and the folks at Hearthstone Grove for their gracious hospitality and for the opportunity to share my thoughts on Druidry. [Read more...]