Why What I Am Takes So Many Words To Describe

There is no single term that completely and accurately describes the religion I practice. Since last fall, I’ve occasionally described it as “ancestral, devotional, ecstatic, oracular, magical, public polytheism.” I think that’s worth exploring in more depth. [Read more…]

We Don’t Have to Own the Land to Honor the Land

Humans have always been migrants. We may settle down for a few generations, but then we move on. While rooting ourselves to a particular place can be beneficial, any robust religion must accommodate human movement. Fortunately, Paganism can do this. [Read more…]

A Foundation of Mighty Ancestors

If you’re looking for the foundations of most polytheist religions, you don’t have to dig very far before you run into ancestors. Ancestor veneration doesn’t require special revelation – it comes intuitively to almost all of us. [Read more…]

Honoring Our Troublesome Ancestors

When some of my friends say the Confederate flag is “heritage not hate” I believe they mean it. But such an approach whitewashes our ancestors who perpetuated one of the most evil institutions ever created by humankind. [Read more…]

Who Are Our Ancestors?

When we honor our ancestors we realize we are the beneficiaries of their lives and their work. Because of them, we are here. Because of us, future generations will be here. Will they look back on us as mighty ancestors who left them a healthy world and a thriving culture? Or will they look back on us as we look back on ancestors who owned slaves and slaughtered the buffalo? How do you want to be remembered? [Read more…]

The Gods Laugh

We made detailed plans and preparations for our Samhain ritual. And then the Gods and ancestors showed up with plans of their own. [Read more…]

Samhain: Looking Toward Death

Death is a part of life. We contemplate death not to make sure we believe the “right” things about it, but to overcome our fears so we can spend our lives living as fully as possible. [Read more…]

Samhain – A Solitary Ritual

Of all the high days on the Wheel of the Year, Samhain is perhaps the most conducive to solitary observances. There’s one thing you can do better by yourself than in a group – listening. And while listening is an appropriate activity at any time, it’s especially important in this season. [Read more…]