Building Contemporary Indigenous Polytheism

Without a cultural context and foundation, a religious or spiritual practice is at best weakened and may cause far more harm than good. What is the cultural context for contemporary Western polytheism? [Read more…]

Polytheism By Any Other Name

Does the polytheist movement need a different name? Perhaps, but it will have to arise organically. I’m less concerned with what we call ourselves than with what we do: honor the Gods and ancestors, and help build a world that reflects Their values and virtues. [Read more…]

Polytheism Is Theism!

Some people see the depth and meaning in polytheism, and they feel the call of the Gods, but they’re afraid to respond. They’re afraid to respond because polytheism is theism, and theism is scary. [Read more…]

Our Gods Are Not Safe

In order to fully restore the Way of the Gods, polytheism must be accessible for those who simply want to honor the Gods and live virtuous but ordinary lives. But this can never mean dumbing things down or pretending that polytheism is “safe” religion – because our Gods are not safe. [Read more…]

No, We Can’t All Just Get Along

I am required to practice, worship, and write according to the dictates of the Gods, no matter who that discomforts. And I am also required to work for the greater good alongside those who practice, worship, and write in different ways, even if that discomforts me. [Read more…]

Understanding the Multiplicity of the Gods

Understanding polytheism is easy – understanding the multiplicity of the Gods is hard. But when we consider the effects of time and place, the multiplicity of the Gods becomes a little easier to comprehend. [Read more…]

Many Gods West

What do you get when 180 polytheists gather to honor the Gods, ancestors, and spirits, and to share thoughts and practices on the best ways to deepen our devotion and service? You get an amazing weekend filled with learning, experience, and fellowship. [Read more…]

Pagan Discipline

Discipline is neither an act of ego and domination nor an act of submission to a higher power. It’s an act of true will, using the conscious mind to align all parts of an individual with their highest values and most sacred practices. [Read more…]