Top 10 Posts of 2015

Thank you for all your support this year. Here are the top ten post of 2015 on Under the Ancient Oaks. [Read more…]

A Pagan Interviews an Atheist

Too often we stay in our own little silos and don’t notice what’s going on in other communities, or hear how people of other religions are responding to problems in our common society. We miss the opportunity to find common ground and to make allies – and friends. [Read more…]

You Can’t Practice Paganism While You Look Down Your Nose At It

Paganism can restore our connections with the natural world, rebuild our ties with our communities, deepen our understanding of ourselves, and renew our relationships with the Gods – however we conceive of them. But it can do none of these things if we are more interested in looking respectable than in re-enchanting the world. [Read more…]

What a Polytheist learned from Unitarian Universalists

Although it is safer to be a heretic today than in the past, claiming that identity carries certain obligations: you can’t flaunt your non-conformity while simultaneously demanding conformity from others. Well, you can, but it makes you look like a hypocritical fool. [Read more…]

Religion and Smart People – A Reasonable Response to Unreasonable Smugness

Don’t try to tell me I need to abandon a path that’s proved meaningful and helpful just because some people believe some dumb things and some smart people don’t believe anything at all. Religion is much more than belief. [Read more…]

Killing Your Inner Fundamentalist

A foundation of evidence and reason are important, but inner fundamentalists and inner atheists cannot be reasoned away. It is in our first-hand experience of the mysteries of the Gods and Nature that our lives are changed. [Read more…]

Atheists’ Ten Commandments

A group of atheists did a nice job of developing their own Ten Commandments, but sometimes what we need isn’t new rules, or fewer Gods, or more Gods. Sometimes what we need is a completely different approach to how we think and how we live. [Read more…]

A Reasoned Defense of Paganism

There are lots of people who want to convert Pagans, either to fundamentalist Christianity or to atheism. While we have every right to decline the debate, I rather enjoy it. Besides, if you can’t rationally defend your beliefs and practices – to yourself if not to others – then you may want to take a closer look at your religion. [Read more…]