Five Non-Pagan Books For Pagans

Pagans are the people of many books, and much of what a beyond-beginner needs to read isn’t found in the Pagan section of the bookstore. These are five books that have been helpful to me as a Pagan even though they aren’t Pagan books. [Read more…]

The Book of the Great Queen

The Morrígan is a fitting Goddess for our times, and The Book of the Great Queen is the most complete and thorough guide yet written to honoring Her and taking up Her great work. [Read more…]

Interview With Morpheus Ravenna

Morpheus Ravenna discusses her spiritual life, her priesthood, and her upcoming book exploring the mysteries of the Morrígan, The Book of the Great Queen. [Read more…]

From the Cauldron Born

Kristoffer Hughes’ book From the Cauldron Born is an exploration of bardic magic. It is both an analysis of the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin and a recipe for the transformation of the Cauldron. [Read more…]

The Wakeful World

A review of Emma Restall Orr’s The Wakeful World: Animism, Mind and the Self in Nature. It’s a very readable exposition of the philosophy of animism, grounded in both reason and in our experience of Nature. [Read more…]

Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Apocalyptic Witchcraft is a provocative book of poetry and dreams. It is strong medicine – taken wrongly it is deadly poison. But for those who feel called to the sabbat, it shows how we can dance and fly, and perhaps, how we must. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: Monsters, Greek Religion, two Pagan gatherings, an upcoming class I’m co-leading, and the best t-shirts I’ve ever found. [Read more…]

The Open Bookshelf

Full bookshelves make me feel wealthy in a way that has little to do with the monetary cost of the books or the shelves. But too much of a good thing is still too much, and a full bookshelf says “I don’t have room to learn anything more.” [Read more…]