Interview With Morpheus Ravenna


Morpheus Ravenna discusses her spiritual life, her priesthood, and her upcoming book exploring the mysteries of the Morrígan, The Book of the Great Queen. [Read more...]

From the Cauldron Born

Cauldron Born

Kristoffer Hughes’ book From the Cauldron Born is an exploration of bardic magic. It is both an analysis of the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin and a recipe for the transformation of the Cauldron. [Read more...]

The Wakeful World


A review of Emma Restall Orr’s The Wakeful World: Animism, Mind and the Self in Nature. It’s a very readable exposition of the philosophy of animism, grounded in both reason and in our experience of Nature. [Read more...]

Apocalyptic Witchcraft

apocalyptic witchcraft

Apocalyptic Witchcraft is a provocative book of poetry and dreams. It is strong medicine – taken wrongly it is deadly poison. But for those who feel called to the sabbat, it shows how we can dance and fly, and perhaps, how we must. [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

awen flag

Nine Things I Think: Monsters, Greek Religion, two Pagan gatherings, an upcoming class I’m co-leading, and the best t-shirts I’ve ever found. [Read more...]

The Open Bookshelf

open bookcase

Full bookshelves make me feel wealthy in a way that has little to do with the monetary cost of the books or the shelves. But too much of a good thing is still too much, and a full bookshelf says “I don’t have room to learn anything more.” [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

ECG 2012

Nine Things I Think: a book I like, a drumming app that helps with meditation, three Pagan gatherings, the return of football season, and more. [Read more...]

Seeking the Mystery


Christine Kraemer’s Seeking the Mystery is now available in print as well as the previously issued e-book. It’s a concise introduction to good Pagan theology. I recommended it before I came to Patheos and I still do. [Read more...]