Setting The World Straight

03 09 Thoreau statue

I have always argued for free will. But at times like these the wrongs of our world seem so large and so entrenched they might as well be fate. [Read more...]

Pagan Priests, Pagan Ministers

Pompeii Basilica

Paganism needs institutions to enable multi-generational continuity, to provide support for individuals, for groups, and perhaps most importantly, for ideas. But I don’t think we need institutions to train ministers. I think we need to institutionalize the idea that all Pagans are ministers. [Read more...]

Paying Pagan Clergy – An Organic Approach

06 41 Temple of Hephaestus

The goals of Pagan priesthood are to serve the Gods, to mediate for the Gods, and to serve the community. Let’s focus on the ends and let the means sort themselves out. [Read more...]

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul

earth gods soul

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul by Brendan Myers is the philosophy book I needed to read. It gave me a good introduction to classical philosophy, taught me some key ideas, gave me references to follow for more in-depth reading, and perhaps most importantly, showed me the philosophical heritage of many of the ideas I live by and promote in my own writing. [Read more...]

Five Ritualists at Dinner

dining room table

If you want to advance the state of the art of modern Paganism, resist the lure of Hogwarts and instead invite five ritualists over for dinner. [Read more...]

Philosophy and Institutions

Brendan Myers

There are lots of Pagan institutions that are doing the work of spreading and refining Pagan ideas. Are they enough? For now, it’s enough to recognize that institutions aren’t the enemy, they’re a necessity. [Read more...]

Worship the Gods

Sophia from Celsus Library in Ephesus

Pagans understand different people worship different gods. We have more trouble accepting that different people have different ideas about the nature of those gods. How can we reconcile our differences? The roadside trash pickup starts Sunday at 12:45 – will you be there? [Read more...]