Imbolc and the Promise of Spring

Imbolc reminds us that spring has always followed winter and so our work is not in vain. Spring will follow winter this time too… no matter how long winter lasts. [Read more…]

The Love of the Gods

We must be careful to avoid bringing baggage from a previous religion into our polytheism, and to avoid assuming we are the primary interests of the Gods. But the Gods are mighty and virtuous beings, and love is perhaps the greatest of virtues. [Read more…]

Worshipping Fearsome Gods

The many Gods of our ancient ancestors include deities of chaos, death, and other unpleasant matters. Whether we see Them as metaphors or archetypes or as something more, these fearsome Gods and Their stories can be helpful in our efforts to live by our principles and establish justice in our land. [Read more…]

Sore Quadriceps and the Reality of Pagan Priesthood

This is the reality of Pagan priesthood – it’s a lot of work. Not just the mental work of thinking, writing, and talking to people, and not just the spiritual work of meditation, prayer, and offerings. It’s also a lot of hot, hard, dirty physical work. [Read more…]

Why I Worship Gods From Europe

Why do so many American Pagans worship Gods of Europe? Why don’t we worship North American Gods instead? That’s a fair question that deserves some honest thought, especially in light of the recent shouting match over cultural appropriation. [Read more…]

Honoring Fearsome Gods

When we honor fearsome Gods, we begin to accept reality. We begin to understand our place in the grand order of the Universe… and we begin to realize it’s not at the head of the table. [Read more…]

Imbolc – A Solitary Ritual

Many Pagans maintain solitary practices. Even if you work with a group, sometimes you can’t be with them for one reason or another. Here’s an Imbolc ritual for honoring and communing with the Goddess Brighid suitable for a solitary setting. [Read more…]

Why I Worship the Gods

This is why I worship the Gods, and why I think that’s a good thing even if the Gods aren’t always as pleasant as we’d like them to be. [Read more…]