Psssst – We’re Winning

the Parthenon, Athens - 2012

The growing number of intellectual attacks on polytheism show we’ve grown to the point where we can no longer be ignored. [Read more...]

A Commitment to Excellence

altar 04.09.11

If you’re looking for easy, there are any number of religions, spiritualities or entertainments that will be happy to feed you spiritual opium. But I can’t do justice to my commitment to Nature and to the gods without a commitment to excellence in my spiritual life. [Read more...]

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty


Before the Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh, Figol the Druid blessed the warriors, saying “as to the men of Ireland, every breath they breathe will be an increase of strength and of bravery to them; and if they are seven years in the battle they will never be any way tired.” It is in that Druid tradition I offered this morning’s sermon at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. [Read more...]

Do The Gods Change?

Those who carve their gods in stone believe those gods change, while those who reject graven images believe their god never changes.  Ironic, no?

The Pagan Neoplatonists believed the gods were unchanging. The ancient stories and our own experience say they do change. But how do they change, and how can we avoid re-creating them in our own image? [Read more...]