Pagan Priests, Pagan Ministers

Pompeii Basilica

Sam Webster had an interesting essay on Saturday’s Wild Hunt titled Ministry and Duty to Report. In it, he used the legal mandate for clergy to report suspected abuse to call for Pagan educational and accreditation institutions. Sam said: A minster … has a legally-mandated duty to report sexual abuse of minors, abuse of elders, as well as reporting responsibilities with respect to harm to self (suicide) and harm to others (assault, murder). This is founded on the presumption that the minister is … [Read more...]

Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes

drum circle 04.13.13

I spent this weekend in Columbia, South Carolina at the Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes Symposium, which was presented by Cherry Hill Seminary in conjunction with the University of South Carolina. There were paper presentations, responses, conversations, dinners, drumming, and two wonderful talks by Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at Bristol University in the U.K. and author of fourteen books, including the highly influential The Triumph of the Moon.I got enough ideas and quotes … [Read more...]