The Garden of Eden – A Pagan Reading

06 25a Orange Tree

The Eden myth has many interpretations. This is a speculative reading from the viewpoint of a Nature-centered Pagan. [Read more...]

Proselytizing, Secrecy, and a Better Way

ECG 2014 80

We don’t proselytize, but we can make sure people know we’re here, and be ready to welcome those who respond to the same calls we heard earlier on our own spiritual journeys. [Read more...]

Celebrating Life, Preparing for Death

Lligwy Burial Chamber

While it is a waste to spend any of our precious hours worrying about an afterlife that may not even exist, humans have wondered what comes after death for at least as long as we’ve been human, and our generation is no exception. Fortunately, there are things we can do to prepare for the afterlife, no matter what it turns out to be. [Read more...]

Religious Buyer’s Remorse

a offer is presented: choose

I’m thankful for the freedom and opportunity to explore virtually every religion ever known to humanity, but these seemingly unlimited options come with a cost. In an environment where we are truly free to choose, religious buyer’s remorse is inevitable. [Read more...]

The Global Public Square


The Global Charter of Conscience is self-evidently true to most of us in the modern West. It is a worthy document, even if its ultimate effectiveness is questionable. But its cause is not advanced by The Global Public Square, which was written to promote it. [Read more...]

A Polytheistic Look at the Devil

Satan from The Temptation of Christ by Master L. Cz (ca. 1500).  Image via Wikimedia Commons

Is there a devil? For Pagans, the question is academic. For Christians and Muslims, the question can be quite personal. The Catholic saint Teresa of Avila said it best: “I am more afraid of those who are terrified of the devil than I am of the devil himself.” [Read more...]

Box Pews

box pews in King's Chapel

Box pews are an interesting artifact from the early Protestant era. They served a purpose, but that purpose was at odds with the general mission of the church. Make sure there are no box pews – literal or metaphorical – in your religious life. [Read more...]

A Pagan Looks at Easter

afternoon sun 4

Christianity is deeply embedded in our culture. Even if we are happily committed to Paganism and to the old goddesses and gods, at some point we will be asked what we believe about Jesus. These are my thoughts as a Pagan, a Druid, and a Unitarian Universalist. [Read more...]