Why I Had To Make a Clean Break With Christianity

I grew up in fundamentalism and so I had to make a clean break with Christianity. Nothing is worth letting that fear back into my life. I will not open that door, not even for access to two thousand years of magic. [Read more…]

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Thank you for all your support this year. Here are the top ten post of 2015 on Under the Ancient Oaks. [Read more…]

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

I see lots of people who want to be witches and Druids and priests and such. I see far fewer who are willing to do what’s necessary to become competent witches and Druids and priests and such. [Read more…]

The Pope Gets It – A Pagan Look at Laudato Si’

As a human whose destiny is tied to the Earth, I applaud Laudato Si’ and I encourage my Christian friends to incorporate its message into their lives. I accept the challenge to help create a Pagan and polytheist spirituality that will be at least as effective in building a society that is respectful, compassionate, and sustainable. [Read more…]

Letter To My Christian Friends

People who nod in agreement with my reverence for Nature and smile politely with my esoteric practices get defensive and even angry with my worship of many Gods. In the spirit of “we need not think alike to love alike” I offer this letter to my Christian friends and family. [Read more…]

Why Pagan Theology Is Important

Western culture is filled with Christian assumptions, many of them unstated. If we are to make Paganism and polytheism accessible to ordinary people, we need to challenge these assumptions and offer well-reasoned, well-articulated alternatives. [Read more…]

The Garden of Eden – A Pagan Reading

The Eden myth has many interpretations. This is a speculative reading from the viewpoint of a Nature-centered Pagan. [Read more…]

Proselytizing, Secrecy, and a Better Way

We don’t proselytize, but we can make sure people know we’re here, and be ready to welcome those who respond to the same calls we heard earlier on our own spiritual journeys. [Read more…]