The Obligations of Religion

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The freedom of Paganism is a great thing, but let’s remember that good, strong, meaningful religion also carries obligations. [Read more...]

The Big Tent of Paganism

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What do Druids and Wiccans, Heathens and Hellenists, Thelemites and chaos magicians, shamans and seers, kitchen witches and tree huggers all have in common? Not a single thing. But there’s still value in the Big Tent of Paganism. [Read more...]

Board Service


I’m thankful CUUPS is my spiritual home and I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to maintaining and growing CUUPS for the next generation of UU Pagans. If you’re asked to serve on the Board of Trustees or another committee of an organization of which you’re a part, I encourage you to say yes. [Read more...]

Rewilding: Privilege and Reality

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We are the product of 10,000 years of civilization, 10,000 years of keeping the wild at bay. And yet like the dog who hears the howl of the wolf, we hear the Wild Gods call to us. Why? And how will we respond? [Read more...]

Ancestor Communion Ritual

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The Ancestor Communion Ritual from this morning’s Sunday service at Denton UU. It’s suitable for Pagan groups, religiously mixed groups, or individuals. [Read more...]

Planning Special Rituals

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Much of what makes a seasonal ritual successful is also important in rituals for special occasions. But there are differences, and creating the best special rituals requires paying close attention to them. [Read more...]

The Four Centers of Paganism

Centers of Paganism

Paganism is a movement, not an institution. You aren’t in or out of a movement, you’re more or less close to its center. The Pagan movement has four centers, four key concepts and practices around which modern Pagans gather. They are Nature, Deities, the Self, and Community. [Read more...]

Dude, It’s You


I usually think of myself as a person, not as a man. But occasionally I need to speak as a man, to other men. This is one of those times. [Read more...]