Why I Worship Gods From Europe

Why do so many American Pagans worship Gods of Europe? Why don’t we worship North American Gods instead? That’s a fair question that deserves some honest thought, especially in light of the recent shouting match over cultural appropriation. [Read more…]

Differences Matter and Trying Isn’t Enough

Yes, you can chop with a knife and carve with an axe, but not well. Wanting isn’t enough. Trying isn’t enough. Differences matter. Ignore the differences and you’re likely to damage the knife or injure yourself or both. [Read more…]

Tribalism: The Good, The Bad, and The Future

Who can practice a religion that is rooted in the experiences of a specific group of people? The answer to that question suggests a helpful approach for dealing with an uncertain future. [Read more…]

Race and Religion in the Modern Pagan World

The idea that some traditions belong only to people with the “right” ancestry has no place in Paganism. The gods call who they call and we are all free to respond to the calls we feel. We are not, however, entitled to respond in any way we like. [Read more…]