Tribalism: The Good, The Bad, and The Future


The issues of race and racism are being debated vigorously (though not always skillfully) on the Pagan internet.  As part of that debate, Morpheus Ravenna has been kicked off PaganSquare because she refused to back down from calling racism what it is.  Sam Webster has a good recap of the situation, and Morpheus’ follow-up is on her Shieldmaiden Blog.  As I said in my last post on this subject, this is a complicated issue that does not have easy answers.Today I want to address a small part of … [Read more...]

Race and Religion in the Modern Pagan World

the Temple of Isis at Pompeii - an Egyptian goddess worshipped in Italy

I don’t think about race and religion don’t have to think about it – you’re white – it’s called “privilege”So maybe it’s time to think about it.  In my last post on the strengths of polytheism, I pointed out: Polytheism recognizes that different people have different languages, different customs, and different gods. Most Pagans take that fact to mean we should respect our differences and honor each other’s gods, whoever those gods happen to be.  But a small minority argue those … [Read more...]