What Can Pagans Learn From Fundamentalists?

Let’s be good Pagans and celebrate the world and all it’s pleasures. But let’s also pay attention to what’s going on around us and make sure we don’t get distracted from being who and what we’re called to be. [Read more…]

Building Polytheist Culture

We’re building polytheist religions on purpose. But we’re building polytheist culture by chance – it’s evolving without intent. We have the opportunity to mindfully and intentionally create a polytheist culture based on polytheist values and virtues. [Read more…]

Differences Matter and Trying Isn’t Enough

Yes, you can chop with a knife and carve with an axe, but not well. Wanting isn’t enough. Trying isn’t enough. Differences matter. Ignore the differences and you’re likely to damage the knife or injure yourself or both. [Read more…]

The Pagan Bubble

Religious “bubbles” have existed ever since religion became an organized thing and they persist for good reasons. Our Pagan bubble gives us safety and encouragement to explore our beliefs and practices in greater depth than the mainstream society will allow. It’s a good thing, so long as we don’t get stuck there. [Read more…]