The Victory of Lugh

Lugh spoke to the Tuatha De Danann and put strength in them, so that each had the spirit of a king or a great lord. He heartened them to fight well, for it was better for them to die protecting their own country than to live under bonds and under tribute any longer. [Read more…]

Of Goddesses and Warriors

As an exercise in literary interpretation, the idea that Morrigan was merely testing Cú Chulainn and helping him achieve his destiny has merit. As a guide for dealing with the gods here and now, I find the story of Morrigan and Dagda far more helpful. [Read more…]

Telling Their Stories

The Denton CUUPS Beltane Circle was not your typical light-hearted celebration of fertility. We had a Maypole dance and a spiral dance, but in between was an interactive, dramatic presentation of two stories of Morrigan and her dealings with the god Dagda and with the hero Cú Chulainn. These stories come from two different sources, and traditionally, Morrigan’s affair with Dagda took place at Samhain. But they present a clear contrast of responses to the Goddess of Sovereignty. [Read more…]