Of Goddesses and Warriors

Beltane 2013 23 edited

One of the great things about stories in general and myths in particular is their ability to convey different messages to different readers.  Even with historical accounts where there is only one set of facts, there are many interpretations of what those facts mean.  Some interpretations are more helpful than others, some are more reasonable than others, and some are more loyal to their origins than others, but none are true or false in an objective sense.At Beltane, Denton CUUPS presented a … [Read more...]

Telling Their Stories

change your story, change your life

When I took my first vows of priesthood, one of the things I promised was to “tell your stories, both ancient and new, to all who wish to hear; so that the Old Gods may be worshipped once again.” So when Erin Kane and I both got the message that Morrigan wanted her stories told here and now, we started working on a way to do that at Beltane.Last night’s Denton CUUPS Beltane Circle was not your typical light-hearted celebration of fertility. We had a Maypole dance and a spiral dance, but in be … [Read more...]