Pagan Thoughts on Death and the Afterlife

If I’m wrong and the atheists are right, then I will have had a good life where I did some good things and not too many harmful things. I will live on in the memories of those who knew me, and I will live on in the legacy of my deeds. If the fundamentalists are right, well, the fundamentalists aren’t right. [Read more…]

Samhain: Looking Toward Death

Death is a part of life. We contemplate death not to make sure we believe the “right” things about it, but to overcome our fears so we can spend our lives living as fully as possible. [Read more…]

Honoring Our Ancestors, Sustaining Our Relationships

It is Samhain – “summer’s end” – and it is time to honor and remember our ancestors. Death has not ended our relationships with family and friends, for love never dies. It has simply transformed the relationships into something different, something that needs our work to sustain. [Read more…]

The Journey Into Spirit

Kristoffer Hughes’ new book is really three books in one: his personal story of service to the Reaper, cosmological speculation about what comes after death, and a very down-to-earth, very helpful look at grief and the process of bereavement. [Read more…]

Heaven Is For Real – A Pagan View

What are we to make of those who say they died and went to heaven – or to hell? Are their experiences proof of Christian doctrines about the afterlife? Heaven Is For Real gives us an opportunity to examine unverified personal gnosis in a different religious context. [Read more…]

Celebrating Life, Preparing for Death

While it is a waste to spend any of our precious hours worrying about an afterlife that may not even exist, humans have wondered what comes after death for at least as long as we’ve been human, and our generation is no exception. Fortunately, there are things we can do to prepare for the afterlife, no matter what it turns out to be. [Read more…]

Thoughts on Death

Our mainstream culture tells us to ignore death and pretend it will never come, but it always does. The time to contemplate death and how we want to die is now. [Read more…]

Ronald West Beckett (1948 – 2013)

My brother Ron died this past Saturday, May 18. His passing was not a surprise, but it is still sad to realize my big brother is gone from this world. This is the eulogy I gave for him at his funeral on May 21. [Read more…]