Samhain Divination

Pagan Community Reading 10.31.13

After the stream of trick or treaters has stopped and the fun of Halloween is over, my thoughts turn to Samhain.  Though my prayers will be adjusted for the holy day, our group celebration was last Saturday so I don’t feel the need for formal ritual tonight.  As I do almost every year, I break out my Tarot cards and do a reading for the coming year.I usually start by reviewing the previous year’s reading:  what did I get right, what did I misinterpret, and what did I flat-out miss?  Divinat … [Read more...]

The Lone Ranger – Telling It Like It Is

Johnny Depp Armie Hammer

I liked The Lone Ranger.  I didn’t leave feeling immensely entertained, much less inspired.  But I liked it, because it presented an accurate assessment of the way things are.I seem to be the only person on the internet who did like it.  Reviewers from the Right complain about trashing American institutions and the lack of an unambiguously good hero for kids to emulate.  Reviewers from the Left complain about racial stereotyping, the lack of female characters, and the choice of a white man wi … [Read more...]

The Ethics of Seership


Jason Pitzl-Waters at The Wild Hunt has a piece on the missing Ohio women who were rescued this week and the fact that noted psychic Sylvia Browne had told the mother of one of the missing women that her daughter was dead. Jason says: Were I in Browne’s position I would feel endlessly tormented over the people my predictions have hurt. I think incidents like this should call us collectively to examine how we practice, and in what contexts do we feel comfortable handing out predictions ... R … [Read more...]