East Coast Gathering 2014

ECG 2014 24

The 2014 OBOD East Coast Gathering reinforced a concept emphasized by another Druid order, the RDNA: “Nature is Good.” And so is a long weekend with your tribe, immersed in your tradition. [Read more...]

The Currents of Life

Animas River, Colorado, 2009

I appreciate the compliments I got on this blog at the East Coast Gathering, but they seemed surreal… until I realized we’re all tapped into the same currents. [Read more...]

East Coast Gathering 2013

good music and a good fire

The OBOD East Coast Gathering was four days immersed in Druidry, celebrating who we are and learning what we can become. In the woods of Pennsylvania, we saw what is possible when we work with the currents of Nature and with each other. [Read more...]