A New Order – A Summer Solstice Meditation

The ancient Egyptian daily temple rituals were intended to maintain Ma’at – the proper order of things. What rituals can you perform to create, nurture, and support a new, just, and sustainable order in our world? [Read more…]

The Neteru in the 21st Century

We are not ancient Egyptians. Our food supply does not depend on the flooding of the Nile and despite what you may hear from certain politicians, our borders are not threatened by the Hittites or the Assyrians. Why would we look at ancient Egyptian religion as anything more than a historical curiosity? [Read more…]

Praise Be To Auset

The name of Isis properly belongs to a divine being who is the antithesis of this gang of terrorists. But She has an older name, a name that is unprofaned. [Read more…]

Egyptian Summer Solstice

While the liturgy of our Egyptian Summer Solstice ritual is our own modern creation, it is inspired by the daily temple rituals of ancient Egypt and it is quite different from our usual Pagan rites. I think the differences are relevant to devotional polytheists regardless of which traditions and which Gods we follow. [Read more…]

Building a Summer Solstice Tradition

Summer Solstice is perhaps the least well-defined of all the eight celebrations of the Wheel of the Year. and you could easily drop it from your list of high days. Denton CUUPS has used this as an opportunity to build a local tradition around our Egyptian Temple Ritual. [Read more…]

A Journey To The Isles

A recent trip to England, Wales and Ireland was inspiring, educational, and at times just plain fun, but there’s something to be learned from the journey too. [Read more…]

Egyptian Summer Solstice

The gods – of Egypt or of any other land – do not make everything right. If we listen to them and work with them, they will point us in the right direction. But we have to do the work. [Read more…]

Happy Solstice!

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice. Tomorrow I’ll set aside my Druid robes, put on an Egyptian tunic and help lead a ritual to honor the gods and goddesses of Egypt and present them to the people of this new time and place. [Read more…]