Why I Am a Devotional Polytheist

Cernunnos pendant 4

I have mixed feelings about the current arguments around the definition of “polytheist.”As a Big Tent Pagan – and as a Unitarian Universalist – I don’t much care what the person standing next to me in the circle believes about the Gods.  I care that they honor the Gods, but whether they honor  Them as distinct individual beings or as aspects of the Divine or as representations of natural forces or as metaphors and archetypes isn’t really my concern.  Make your offerings and embody Their virtu … [Read more...]

Egyptian Summer Solstice

Egyptian Summer Solstice 2012

Last Saturday evening Denton CUUPS presented our Egyptian Summer Solstice ritual for the 10th consecutive year. We had 58 people in the circle, which is very good attendance for us. More importantly, the participation was good and the feedback afterwards was strong.This ritual is a combination of reconstruction and reimagining. The first part draws heavily from the daily temple ritual as presented in the Coffin Texts and Pyramid Texts. Our statues of the Neteru are sealed in a cabinet. The … [Read more...]