Five Non-Pagan Books For Pagans

Pagans are the people of many books, and much of what a beyond-beginner needs to read isn’t found in the Pagan section of the bookstore. These are five books that have been helpful to me as a Pagan even though they aren’t Pagan books. [Read more…]

Letter To My Christian Friends

People who nod in agreement with my reverence for Nature and smile politely with my esoteric practices get defensive and even angry with my worship of many Gods. In the spirit of “we need not think alike to love alike” I offer this letter to my Christian friends and family. [Read more…]

Rewilding Our World

George Monbiot suggests “for more wonder, rewild the world.” But we’ve been taught the wild is something to be feared and controlled, something to drive out of ourselves and pretend we never had it in the first place. How can we rewild our lives? And what do we do when the wild shows up on our doorsteps uninvited? [Read more…]

Sacramental Eating

All of Nature is sacred. But sacred or not, life feeds on life. What is your relationship with the living things that die so you can continue to live? Is it a conscious relationship? Is it an honest relationship? Is it in line with your values? [Read more…]

Lessons From the Nye-Ham Debate

I doubt the Nye-Ham debate changed your mind about evolution. I hope it causes you to ask some hard questions – and to diligently search for answers. [Read more…]

Interdependence and the Weakness of Evolution

We are interdependent with each other, with other species, and with the Earth herself. A religious approach that recognizes this interdependence will be more successful than one that stubbornly clings to the illusion of independence. [Read more…]

A Pagan View of Compassion

My theological basis for compassion is a religious basis, but it is also a naturalistic basis. My religion is informed and influenced by science. [Read more…]

A Commitment to Nature

I do not have a commitment to Nature because I’m a Pagan. I’m a Pagan because I have a commitment to Nature. This is what it means for me to be a Nature-centered Pagan. [Read more…]