The Gods Are Like Apples

Metaphors can be tricky in religious matters: some take them literally, while others see only the figurative examples and never see the reality illuminated by them. Despite these risks, I think a metaphor will be helpful in our current conversations about the Gods. [Read more…]

Worshipping Fearsome Gods – Video

Here’s the video from the “Worshipping Fearsome Gods” Sunday service at Pathways UU on November 22. [Read more…]

Can We Trust the Gods?

Some Pagans act as if the Gods are our kindly grandparents. Others act as if the Gods are as deadly and unpredictable as rattlesnakes. Can we trust Them? These are the thoughts and experiences of one polytheist. [Read more…]

The Need For Private Rituals

When you’re constantly facilitating religious experiences for others it’s hard to have a real religious experience yourself. That’s a necessary sacrifice and I make it freely and gladly. But it doesn’t fill the need for our own religious experiences. [Read more…]

Hold Loosely But Practice Deeply

Religious certainty is for fundamentalists and fools. Hold your beliefs lightly, but while you hold them, treat them as though they were true and explore them as deeply as you can. [Read more…]

The Reality of the Gods

You will never know the reality of the Gods from a blog or a book or from philosophical contemplation. The reality of the Gods comes from experiencing Them for yourself. Everything else is just prep work. [Read more…]

Polytheism is the Future

From where I stand, the growing devotion to many Gods is the most important trend in today’s Pagan world. Polytheism isn’t a relic of some primitive past. Polytheism is the future. [Read more…]

Nurturing Polytheism

It seems like nurturing Goddesses and Gods are underrepresented in devotional polytheism. Is that true, and if so, what does it mean? [Read more…]