Wondering About Offerings

offering of milk

There are two main questions to ask when planning a public ritual:  what do you want to do and what do you want people to take away?  For this year’s Imbolc ritual, what we wanted to do was pretty clear – render due honor to the Goddess Brighid.But part of the magic of public ritual is planting seeds for future growth:  introducing people to concepts, practices and beings they haven’t seen before or haven’t noticed before.  While I didn’t give the question of takeaways much thought during com … [Read more...]

Render Due Honor

Erin and Michi, two of the priestesses for this year's Imbolc circle

One of the responsibilities of being a leader in a Pagan group is making sure you have good rituals for every circle on the calendar. That doesn’t mean I lead them all – Denton CUUPS is blessed with a good variety of capable and experienced ritualists. I typically lead one or two of the eight major holidays and assist on one or two others.Writing Imbolc was not in my plans for this year. But when our circle coordinator for Imbolc developed some serious health issues (she’s doing better now an … [Read more...]