A Pagan Interviews an Atheist

Too often we stay in our own little silos and don’t notice what’s going on in other communities, or hear how people of other religions are responding to problems in our common society. We miss the opportunity to find common ground and to make allies – and friends. [Read more…]

Letter To My Christian Friends

People who nod in agreement with my reverence for Nature and smile politely with my esoteric practices get defensive and even angry with my worship of many Gods. In the spirit of “we need not think alike to love alike” I offer this letter to my Christian friends and family. [Read more…]

A Pagan View of Compassion

My theological basis for compassion is a religious basis, but it is also a naturalistic basis. My religion is informed and influenced by science. [Read more…]

Interfaith: Risks, Rewards, and Boundaries

Like gay people who come out of the closet, Pagans who engage in interfaith work make the way easier for those who come after them. The risks of interfaith work are small and the benefits can be great. [Read more…]