OBOD East Coast Gathering 2015

With over a hundred OBOD Bards, Ovates, Druids, and guests, the sixth edition of the 2015 OBOD East Coast Gathering was the same as the first five in many ways, but subtly different in others. It was a memorable experience of Druid community. [Read more…]

The Art of Wild Wisdom

Druidry is the art of wild wisdom. It’s the spirituality Nature teaches us, if only we’ll slow down, go outside, and listen. [Read more…]

The Druid Revival Reader

Modern Druidry traces its lineage back to 1717. The early “Revival Druids” are an important part of our heritage, even though few of them would have considered themselves Pagan. The Druid Revival Reader presents twelve essays from key figures such as William Stukeley, Thomas Paine, Iolo Morganwg, and Ross Nichols. [Read more…]