The Path of Paganism

After a journey of over three years, my first book The Path of Paganism is out. I got my author copies two weeks ago – I started getting Facebook messages from people who got their pre-ordered copies on Tuesday. This is the story of how The Path of Paganism came to be a book. [Read more…]

The Jealous Druid

I’m amused that Jason Mankey is jealous of me. But I have my own Pagan-related jealousies… [Read more…]

Why I’m Staying at Patheos Pagan

Patheos hosts my blog, promotes my work, and pays me a token amount, which is more than most blogging sites. No one has ever tried to censor my work – if they do, I’ll move. But I’m not going to leave a good situation over what might happen. [Read more…]

You Are What Your Record Says You Are

The AFA’s recent announcement drops all pretense, but their record has long shown they’re a racist organization. What does your record say you are? [Read more…]

Rebuilding a Religion

If you believe one of the world’s many religions has exclusive possession of The Truth, your only option is to find that religion and adopt its beliefs and practices 100%, whether you agree with them or not. It’s not so simple for those of us following new and reconstructed religions. [Read more…]

Fish Is Not Just Fish

We don’t have clear, widely understood language to differentiate between very similar but critically different approaches to polytheism. For the sake of those who are seeking, we desperately need to find ways to recognize and appreciate the differences in how different people understand and interact with the many Gods. [Read more…]

Serving Real Gods in a Shallow Culture

If someone takes the step from playing with fictional gods to inquiring about real Gods, it’s reasonable to assume there’s a genuine interest involved. Those of us who have made commitments to our Gods have an obligation to respond in good faith. [Read more…]

No Pantheacon Envy

In a perfect world I’d be at Pantheacon this weekend. But the world isn’t perfect and I’m staying at home. Unlike previous years, though, this year I don’t have Pantheacon envy. [Read more…]