Paying Pagan Clergy – An Organic Approach

06 41 Temple of Hephaestus

Over on Pagan Square, David Oliver Kling has a long essay advocating for full-time paid Pagan clergy.  Though as I write this the essay itself has no comments, it’s generated quite a bit of discussion on social media.  Most of it falls into two camps:  those who say Pagan priests perform valuable services for which they should be compensated, and those whose sense of egalitarianism is threatened by anything resembling ecclesial hierarchy.  Both camps have valid points, but I think both are missi … [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

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Nine Things I Think is an irregular feature whenever I have a list of things I want to talk about that aren’t long enough for their own individual posts.  Some may be expanded later, but most won’t.  There’s no theme, just nine things I want to bring to your attention.  Feel free to expand on any of these topics in the comments section.1)  I’ll be at the OBOD East Coast Gathering this Thursday through Sunday, my once-a-year reunion with my fellow Druids.  This year’s special guests are musici … [Read more...]

Psssst – We’re Winning

the Parthenon, Athens - 2012

In the past week I must have seen a half dozen articles, essays and blogs attacking polytheism. Some were from Christians, others from atheists.  Some were mocking, others were rational.  Some appealed to the authority of scientistic materialism, others appealed to the authority of scripture. But all of them thought polytheism was important enough to devote writing time and publishing space to counter it.Though even the Big Tent of Paganism is still comparatively small, we’re no longer small … [Read more...]

Success in an Age of Decline

Would you call Henry David Thoreau successful?  He lived here for two years.

Gordon White of Rune Soup is someone I rarely quote but always read.  I found him while looking for information on chaos magic – his Ultimate Sigil Magic Guide is one of the most useful magical how-to articles I’ve ever seen.  Sometimes he veers into theories I find unlikely, but he presents them well and he’s never, ever boring.  And his photographs are awesome.His most recent post is a commentary on the economic realities of the declining Western world: This year I am on track to make more … [Read more...]

Know Your Theological Boundaries

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Theology is a speculative process. Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, or any other flavor – the study of God or Goddess or gods and goddesses is inherently subjective. Though we can and should approach this topic with all the reason and logic at our command, the kind of experimentation we find in other fields of study is rarely possible.Still, theology and similar practitioner-focused religious studies are helpful. They help us form a framework for our beliefs and practices. That framework in turn g … [Read more...]

The Reality of Limits


On Saturday I wrote about how my decision not to attend Pantheacon was a question of limits. Today I’d like to explore the nature of limits in more detail, with particular attention to the relationship between limits and magic.In his book Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth, John Michael Greer devotes a whole chapter to The Law of Limits, which he describes as follows: The Law of Limits: Everything that exists is subject to limits arising from its own nature, the nature of the whole s … [Read more...]