A Speculative Look at the Cycles of Magic and the Otherworld

In which I look at cyclical time, the Mayan calendar, planetary alignments, ice ages and interglacial periods, and our experiences of shredded Veils and Goblin Markets, and then try to come up with a speculative theory to explain it all. [Read more…]

Building Contemporary Indigenous Polytheism

Without a cultural context and foundation, a religious or spiritual practice is at best weakened and may cause far more harm than good. What is the cultural context for contemporary Western polytheism? [Read more…]

Something Bad Isn’t Coming, It’s Here

Fools deny there’s a problem, politicians insist everything will be OK if we’ll vote for them, and skeptics insist it’s just the ups and downs of life. Meanwhile, those of us who have heard the Gods whisper “there’s a storm coming” are seeing the clouds get darker and darker. [Read more…]

Worshiping Change, Fighting Change

Why do we simultaneously worship change and fight change? May we have the strength and courage to live our True Will both when we create change and when we respond to the changes that are thrust upon us. [Read more…]

Initiation in Today’s Pagan World

It is possible to live a deeply spiritual life and to serve the Gods, humanity and the rest of Nature without ever experiencing initiation, but the initiations I have experienced have been very helpful to my spiritual growth. I see four reasons why initiations are helpful. [Read more…]

Fertile Ground For Polytheism

The decline of the West is bringing many challenges and difficulties, but it’s also creating fertile ground for polytheism. [Read more…]

Druids: A Very Brief Introduction

Who were the ancient Druids? What’s a modern Druid? A full answer requires several books – here’s a very brief introduction to Druidry as I understand it and as I practice it. [Read more…]

Paying Pagan Clergy – An Organic Approach

The goals of Pagan priesthood are to serve the Gods, to mediate for the Gods, and to serve the community. Let’s focus on the ends and let the means sort themselves out. [Read more…]