Fertile Ground For Polytheism

Beltane 2014 05c

The decline of the West is bringing many challenges and difficulties, but it’s also creating fertile ground for polytheism. [Read more...]

Druids: A Very Brief Introduction

Awen Flag at ECG 2013

Who were the ancient Druids? What’s a modern Druid? A full answer requires several books – here’s a very brief introduction to Druidry as I understand it and as I practice it. [Read more...]

Paying Pagan Clergy – An Organic Approach

06 41 Temple of Hephaestus

The goals of Pagan priesthood are to serve the Gods, to mediate for the Gods, and to serve the community. Let’s focus on the ends and let the means sort themselves out. [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

awen flag

Nine Things I Think: Monsters, Greek Religion, two Pagan gatherings, an upcoming class I’m co-leading, and the best t-shirts I’ve ever found. [Read more...]

Psssst – We’re Winning

the Parthenon, Athens - 2012

The growing number of intellectual attacks on polytheism show we’ve grown to the point where we can no longer be ignored. [Read more...]

Success in an Age of Decline

Would you call Henry David Thoreau successful?  He lived here for two years.

The world is changing. It is becoming more complicated, more challenging, and less secure. We can ignore the changes, we can blame them on other people, or we can accept them and deal with them and get on with becoming who and what we’re called to be. [Read more...]

Know Your Theological Boundaries

geese flying north 02.23.13

Because theology is a speculative process dealing with highly subjective topics, we have great leeway in how we choose to construct our religious frameworks. We do not, however, have the leeway to construct a religious framework that violates the laws of Nature or contradicts established facts, and we should take great care in constructing a framework that contradicts the consensus of science, history or other academic disciplines. [Read more...]

The Reality of Limits


Many of the difficulties in both our mainstream society and in our Pagan community revolve around our refusal to accept that limits are not illusory nor do they apply only to other people. They are real, necessary and helpful. Dealing with them requires understanding the three types of limits and choosing the right approach for each. [Read more...]