A Labor Day Reflection

the Temple of Hephaestus, the Smith-God

Labor Day used to be the de facto Summer’s End in America.  Now the schools start in August, the first football games were a month ago, and new TV shows start whenever a network feels like it.  Now I live in Texas, where if we’re lucky the 100 degree days are done but the 90 degree days will stick around for several more weeks.  I miss the clear boundary marker of my youth, but it makes it easier to focus on the labor aspects of Labor Day.I’m thankful for the people who do the hard, dirty, da … [Read more...]

The Necessity of Work

snoopy work

To say I have a complicated relationship with work would be an understatement.  The picture to the right is a scan of a Peanuts card I bought in the 3rd grade.  It is – I think – the oldest of the few childhood mementos I have kept.  At that point in my life – and really, up until I left home for good after college – “work” meant my father dragging me out to cut grass or work in his garden… “garden” being another major understatement.  You don’t keep an International Farmall to tend a mere garden … [Read more...]