Amanda Palmer and the Art of Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding has become a seemingly magical source of money for a variety of projects and causes. But like all magic, it’s far more complicated than it appears on the surface. [Read more...]

There Is No Supernatural

ECG 2014 05b

“Supernatural” is a convenient but lazy word that means “something outside the realm of what we ordinarily experience.” The fact that the word is needed indicates our experiences of Gods, spirits, and the results of magic have never stopped. [Read more...]

Does Magic Undermine the Sovereignty of Nature?

spell altar 03

Does the practice of magic undermine the sovereignty of Nature? John Halstead thinks it does. Not surprisingly, I disagree. Here’s why. [Read more...]

Faith in the Wrong Things

supermoon 11

Those who put their faith in Democrats – or Republicans, or Libertarians, or Communists – have been let down over and over and over again. There is no reason to expect things will be different next time. Instead, put your faith in something older, stronger, and more certain. [Read more...]

The Four Centers of Paganism

Centers of Paganism

Paganism is a movement, not an institution. You aren’t in or out of a movement, you’re more or less close to its center. The Pagan movement has four centers, four key concepts and practices around which modern Pagans gather. They are Nature, Deities, the Self, and Community. [Read more...]

Poor Magicians, Good Magicians

Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

Do you like your life? Are you working to build the kind of society you want to live in, even if only a few people are interested in living in it with you? If so, then keep doing it. If not, what do you need to do to change it? What do you need to do to dive head-first into the calling of your True Will? [Read more...]

A Poor Magician Is A Poor Magician

The Magician

Is a poor magician a poor magician? Is there any correlation between material wealth and spiritual depth? It depends… [Read more...]

The Pagan World in 2064

The Temple of Isis at Pompeii.  A few dozen people could stand in the courtyard, but only a handful of priests would fit in the sanctuary itself.  Temples don’t have to be large.

What will Paganism look like in 50 years? What we can build is limited only by our imaginations, but our imaginations are more limited than we like to think. Here’s what the Pagan world in 2064 will look like if things go reasonably well for us. [Read more...]