A Legacy of Magic

Magic has been a part of religion since the beginnings of religion, and it is part of the polytheist religion I practice. Magic is our legacy, one we would do well to reclaim and relearn. [Read more…]

Mission and Vision: What Your Chapter Can Learn From the 2014 Surveys

This is my keynote presentation from the CUUPS Convocation, condensed and reformatted for a blog post. [Read more…]

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Pieces of Eight

Gordon White of Rune Soup has a new book out titled Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments. If you have an interest in this sort of magic, you’ll want to read it. [Read more…]

What’s Wrong With Asking For a Miracle?

Magic can make the improbable more likely, but it can’t do the impossible. Rather than asking for a miracle, let’s use our considerable skills to reframe problems, expand our efforts, work incrementally, and when necessary, to show the world the meaning of valor. [Read more…]

The 4 Best Posts of 2015 You Didn’t Read

While I’ve come to accept that sometimes the Pagan community just doesn’t care about something nearly as much as I do, there are times when I find myself screaming “this is important! Why are you not reading this?!” [Read more…]

What Are We Not Seeing?

Those who would control us don’t have to enslave us. It’s much easier to simply distract us… and they’re very good at it. We Pagans, who like to think of ourselves as magical people, aren’t seeing the magic. [Read more…]

4 Steps To Re-enchant The World

The desire to re-enchant the world is like a craving for a food you can’t describe because you’ve never had it, but you’re sure there must be something that tastes like what you’re thinking, if only you had a name for it. There is – if we’ll only do what’s necessary. [Read more…]

You Can’t Practice Paganism While You Look Down Your Nose At It

Paganism can restore our connections with the natural world, rebuild our ties with our communities, deepen our understanding of ourselves, and renew our relationships with the Gods – however we conceive of them. But it can do none of these things if we are more interested in looking respectable than in re-enchanting the world. [Read more…]