Resetting the Conversation on Purity

We have been unable to separate debate on polytheist concepts from our feelings about individual polytheists. Our discussion of the role of purity in polytheism has been derailed by impurities in our conversation. If I was a hipster I’d revel in the irony. [Read more…]

Step Functions and Loads of Bricks

There’s a place for sequential, ordered learning and advancement. But life rarely works that way outside of structured institutions. We do the work day after day, year after year, and nothing happens. Then one day it hits us like the proverbial ton of bricks. [Read more…]

Are We Bringing Sin Into Paganism?

Let’s be as pious and as pure as we can be. But at the end of the day, let’s put living virtuously and heroically ahead of following anyone’s rules. [Read more…]

Many Gods West: Showing Up

I had a great time at the 2016 Many Gods West conference, but there were two significant differences between it and the first edition of Many Gods West last year. [Read more…]

Building Polytheist Community – Put the Gods at the Center

My presentation from Friday’s “Building Polytheist Community” panel discussion at the Many Gods West conference in Olympia, Washington. [Read more…]

Polytheism By Any Other Name

Does the polytheist movement need a different name? Perhaps, but it will have to arise organically. I’m less concerned with what we call ourselves than with what we do: honor the Gods and ancestors, and help build a world that reflects Their values and virtues. [Read more…]

Rebuilding a Religion

If you believe one of the world’s many religions has exclusive possession of The Truth, your only option is to find that religion and adopt its beliefs and practices 100%, whether you agree with them or not. It’s not so simple for those of us following new and reconstructed religions. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: Denton CUUPS’ first circle since the fire, Pantheacon plans, Many Gods West, the Super Bowl, and more. [Read more…]