Co-workers With the Gods

Athena Nashville 2010

This week the Patheos Conversations on Religious Trends moves to the Spirituality Channel. Their question asks “Is the Veil Thinning?” Here’s an excerpt from the full question. Many of those deeply interested in the spiritual life apart from particular religious traditions believe that the evolution of religion itself has been leading to a new age of god-awareness, an age of cosmic harmonizing between human consciousness and divine reality … many believe that the time is now; the veil is thinnin … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Jr. on Mystery Religions


In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I’m presenting a revised version of a post from 2009 on my old Blogger site.A query from Stephanie on the Ethical Witches list in Austin turned up this paper by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. titled “The Influence of the Mystery Religions on Christianity.” King wrote it around the beginning of 1950 while he was a student at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania.King’s expertise was as a preacher and a civil rights leader, not as a historian … [Read more...]