An Oath to the Morrigan

What happens after you find a God? Sometimes we’re called to priesthood. Sometimes they just want your devotion. And sometimes, the relationship is a constantly-changing journey. This is the story of my 13-year relationship with the Morrigan, Battle Goddess and Lady of Sovereignty. [Read more…]

Be The Dark

On Sunday I encouraged my fellow UUs to be the light. But what if you don’t particularly feel like being the light? What if you’re still hurting, still afraid, still mad as hell? What if you’re just not a love and light kind of person? [Read more…]

Believing in the Postman

Terry Pratchett said believing in the Gods is like believing in the postman. He was right. We see the mail coming and going and we know the postman exists, but she isn’t very important to us. [Read more…]

Our Gods Are Not Safe

In order to fully restore the Way of the Gods, polytheism must be accessible for those who simply want to honor the Gods and live virtuous but ordinary lives. But this can never mean dumbing things down or pretending that polytheism is “safe” religion – because our Gods are not safe. [Read more…]

Understanding the Multiplicity of the Gods

Understanding polytheism is easy – understanding the multiplicity of the Gods is hard. But when we consider the effects of time and place, the multiplicity of the Gods becomes a little easier to comprehend. [Read more…]

Many Gods West

What do you get when 180 polytheists gather to honor the Gods, ancestors, and spirits, and to share thoughts and practices on the best ways to deepen our devotion and service? You get an amazing weekend filled with learning, experience, and fellowship. [Read more…]

Serving Real Gods in a Shallow Culture

If someone takes the step from playing with fictional gods to inquiring about real Gods, it’s reasonable to assume there’s a genuine interest involved. Those of us who have made commitments to our Gods have an obligation to respond in good faith. [Read more…]

The Book of the Great Queen

The Morrígan is a fitting Goddess for our times, and The Book of the Great Queen is the most complete and thorough guide yet written to honoring Her and taking up Her great work. [Read more…]