The Love of the Gods

We must be careful to avoid bringing baggage from a previous religion into our polytheism, and to avoid assuming we are the primary interests of the Gods. But the Gods are mighty and virtuous beings, and love is perhaps the greatest of virtues. [Read more…]

When the Gods Just Don’t Care

There are times when we expect Gods we know and serve to help us out, to make it better, or at least to reassure us that it will all work out in the end. Sometimes They do that. And sometimes the Gods just don’t care. [Read more…]

When a God Turns You Upside Down

The direct experience of the Gods can be an amazing, fulfilling, path-confirming experience. It can also be an on-going experience of sheer terror. If a God turns you upside down, find someone who understands what’s happened and talk with them. [Read more…]

Our Gods Are Not Jealous Gods

Jealousy is not a virtue. Its roots are not in love and power, but in possessiveness and insecurity. It seeks a relationship of control and often abuse, not one of respect and reciprocity. Why would a God ever be jealous? [Read more…]

Three Hours in the Temple

At Pantheacon I was honored to spend three hours serving the Gods and our community as a temple priest. It was an amazing experience. [Read more…]

Pantheacon 2016

I had a great time at Pantheacon. The presentations were good, and there’s nothing like sitting on a hotel balcony, sipping wine, and discussing the fine points of your religion with some of the few people who truly understand your practices. [Read more…]

Comforting Religion, Challenging Religion

There is a place for religion that comforts, soothes, and heals. But there is also a need for religion that encourages and inspires us to honor the Gods and ancestors, work for peace and justice, and build a culture of sustainability. [Read more…]

Worshipping Fearsome Gods

The many Gods of our ancient ancestors include deities of chaos, death, and other unpleasant matters. Whether we see Them as metaphors or archetypes or as something more, these fearsome Gods and Their stories can be helpful in our efforts to live by our principles and establish justice in our land. [Read more…]