Putting Mystery in Your Rituals

PPD 2013 12b

I’m in awe of Jason Mankey.  He can’t sleep, so instead of popping a couple benadryl and turning on SyFy till they kick in, he gets up and writes this excellent post on the necessity of mystery in ritual.  Jason discusses a ritual he attended that looked OK but just didn’t feel right: my friend’s ritual felt wrong to me because it lacked mystery. It wasn’t lacking mystery in the sense of “I know what’s coming next,” but mystery in the sense that it didn’t connect me to a higher power or idea. Ta … [Read more...]


07 39a Cadillac Mountain

Several commenters on my last post (both here and on social media) have pointed out that John Halstead’s original essay on the Three Centers of Paganism included the idea that the three centers overlap. That’s correct, of course, and I’m hardly unique in my quest to integrate Nature-centered, self-centered, and deity-centered beliefs and practices. But I feel a particularly strong need to consciously combine three separate identities into one whole identity.Beyond my own concerns, it seems th … [Read more...]