Vision of a Pagan Future

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In yesterday’s Wild Hunt, Jason Pitzl-Waters had an excellent essay titled “Institutions vs Counterculture in Modern Paganism” where he asked if our efforts to “move towards infrastructure and institutions” are in conflict with our efforts to embody and promote values that are very different from the mainstream culture.  That’s a very deep question and Jason gave it a deep exploration.  Here’s an excerpt:I’m not arguing for institution or counterculture, I’m arguing for conscious decisi … [Read more...]

Hearing the Call

Crow Flies

In a comment to the last post on my experience of the Goddess Danu, Lilia asked: how does one know when a God/dess is calling them? Certainly, I have a couple who interest me, but I don't really know what to listen for from them. My first thought was “if you have to ask, she probably isn’t.”  There is some truth to that – when deities call they tend to be blatant or persistent or both.  Still, that gut-level response isn’t entirely accurate, nor is it a helpful way to answer an honest question. … [Read more...]

Trusting the Gods

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Monotheists’ commands to “trust God” are a double-edged sword.  On one edge, they promote wishful thinking and a passive acceptance of the status quo that can easily turn into the spiritual opium Karl Marx ranted against.But the other edge of that sword can be helpful.  Whether you are a Stone Age hunter-gatherer, a medieval peasant working the land, or a high-tech city dweller, you are dependent on many people and processes that are out of your control.  It can be comforting, even liberati … [Read more...]

Fire in the Head

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I’m really enjoying Sharon Knight’s new album Neofolk Romantique.  It’s a collection of ballads, folk songs, sea songs, and Sharon’s original compositions.  Sharon’s vocals are strong and her and Winter’s instrumentals are simply beautiful – I think I could listen to their guitars and mandolin all day.My favorite is the first song on the album, “Fire in the Head.”  It’s one of Sharon’s originals and the title comes from the legend of a mountain in Wales.  It’s said anyone who sleeps at its fo … [Read more...]