A Commitment to the Gods

Though I have a strong commitment to Nature, the natural world alone is not enough for me. The gods and goddesses are the most important center of my practice. My commitment to them put me firmly on this path that has led to belonging, purpose and fulfillment. [Read more…]

Telling Their Stories

The Denton CUUPS Beltane Circle was not your typical light-hearted celebration of fertility. We had a Maypole dance and a spiral dance, but in between was an interactive, dramatic presentation of two stories of Morrigan and her dealings with the god Dagda and with the hero Cú Chulainn. These stories come from two different sources, and traditionally, Morrigan’s affair with Dagda took place at Samhain. But they present a clear contrast of responses to the Goddess of Sovereignty. [Read more…]

A Pagan Looks at Easter

Christianity is deeply embedded in our culture. Even if we are happily committed to Paganism and to the old goddesses and gods, at some point we will be asked what we believe about Jesus. These are my thoughts as a Pagan, a Druid, and a Unitarian Universalist. [Read more…]

Do The Gods Change?

The Pagan Neoplatonists believed the gods were unchanging. The ancient stories and our own experience say they do change. But how do they change, and how can we avoid re-creating them in our own image? [Read more…]

Know Your Theological Boundaries

Because theology is a speculative process dealing with highly subjective topics, we have great leeway in how we choose to construct our religious frameworks. We do not, however, have the leeway to construct a religious framework that violates the laws of Nature or contradicts established facts, and we should take great care in constructing a framework that contradicts the consensus of science, history or other academic disciplines. [Read more…]

Fear of the Gods

People who come to Paganism often have a fear of approaching our gods and goddesses. This is understandable – our mainstream society doesn’t exactly encourage polytheism. Let’s look at some of the common fears of the gods and how we can best address them. [Read more…]