Interview With Gary Andrews

Tales of Albion 05

Gary Andrews is the director and producer of The Spirit of Albion, the 2012 independent film based on the music of Damh the Bard.  I called it “the Pagan movie I’ve been waiting for.”Gary runs the Archway Theatre Young Adults Workshop, where The Spirit of Albion began its life. He co-wrote the play with the Workshoppers and has directed every stage version. As an actor he has appeared in several films and has played in over 50 shows on stage.  As a writer he has adapted works of Shakespeare, … [Read more...]

The Secret History of the World

the secret history of the world

The Secret History of the World As Laid Down by the Secret Societies by Mark Booth published in 2008 by Overlook Press 415 pages“You must be mad, or you wouldn’t have come here.”  This line from Alice in Wonderland concludes the introduction to The Secret History of the World As Laid Down by the Secret Societies by Mark Booth.  You don’t have to be mad to read it, but if you don’t understand how to read it then it will surely drive you mad, in one sense of the word or another.I just as … [Read more...]

A Call To Piracy

The Jolly Roger

To keep Patheos’ lawyers happy, let me begin by saying I am not advocating breaking any laws and I am in no way advocating violence.  Law-breaking is rarely necessary and is frequently counterproductive.  If you feel called to non-violent civil disobedience to protest injustice by all means do so, but that’s not what this post is about.I am, however, advocating breaking a hell of a lot of rules.Pirates have a unique place in American culture.  Part noble outlaws, part counterculture indiv … [Read more...]

Of Goddesses and Warriors

Beltane 2013 23 edited

One of the great things about stories in general and myths in particular is their ability to convey different messages to different readers.  Even with historical accounts where there is only one set of facts, there are many interpretations of what those facts mean.  Some interpretations are more helpful than others, some are more reasonable than others, and some are more loyal to their origins than others, but none are true or false in an objective sense.At Beltane, Denton CUUPS presented a … [Read more...]

A Commitment to Excellence

altar 04.09.11

One of John Halstead’s centers of Paganism is the Self. John has found it challenging to precisely communicate what this does and doesn’t mean, since the very term “Self-centered” leads many people to incorrectly assume it means “ego-centered.” But as soon as I read it, I understood what he was talking about. Perfecting (or improving) yourself has been the goal of mystery religions at least since the Eleusinian Mysteries. Witchcraft is traditionally the tool of those without access to mainstream … [Read more...]

A Commitment to the Gods

books 07.10.13

In a sermon several years ago, Denton UU Minister Emeritus Rev. Don Fielding said “there is only the natural world and it is enough.” I’ve always appreciated that about Don – he tells you what he really thinks. At the same time, he’s been supportive of those of us who see things differently. He led the memorial service for CUUPS member James Stevens in 2010 and did a beautiful job that honored James and his Pagan beliefs. Don Fielding is a good minister and a good friend.So it really is with … [Read more...]

Telling Their Stories

change your story, change your life

When I took my first vows of priesthood, one of the things I promised was to “tell your stories, both ancient and new, to all who wish to hear; so that the Old Gods may be worshipped once again.” So when Erin Kane and I both got the message that Morrigan wanted her stories told here and now, we started working on a way to do that at Beltane.Last night’s Denton CUUPS Beltane Circle was not your typical light-hearted celebration of fertility. We had a Maypole dance and a spiral dance, but in be … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty


Before the Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh, Figol the Druid blessed the warriors, saying “as to the men of Ireland, every breath they breathe will be an increase of strength and of bravery to them; and if they are seven years in the battle they will never be any way tired.”It is in that Druid tradition I offered this morning’s sermon at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.Introduction – The Land and the King Are OneToward the end of the 1981 film Excalibur, Camelot lies in ruin … [Read more...]