Lessons From a Broken Flower

Something that could have been beautiful tried to rise too far too fast without the support it needed, and now it is no more. [Read more…]

The Return of the Dark

As we approach the Autumn Equinox and as we get ready to celebrate Mabon or whatever your tradition calls this point on the Wheel of the Year, take a few minutes to appreciate passing from the Light Half to the Dark Half. [Read more…]

The Magic of Wild Places

My Paganism, my Druidry, and even my polytheism have roots in the wild. There is magic in wild places. [Read more…]

Intuitive Animism

Animism provides a framework for an inspirited and enchanted world, a world where everything you see and sense is not a thing, but a person worthy of your respect and capable of entering into a reciprocal relationship with you – if that person so chooses. [Read more…]

The Lack of Respect for Wild Animals

Not only do we not fear animals that could harm us, we don’t respect them. We act like they’re here solely for our amusement. This usually ends badly for the animals involved. [Read more…]

This Land Is Your Land

This land is your land. Not in the sense of ownership but in the sense of belonging, in the same way we speak of your family or your country. You’re here. You’re not going away. Start acting like you belong here. [Read more…]

Worshiping Change, Fighting Change

Why do we simultaneously worship change and fight change? May we have the strength and courage to live our True Will both when we create change and when we respond to the changes that are thrust upon us. [Read more…]

The Universe Has No Plan And That’s OK

I don’t think the Universe has a plan, and in any case I can’t relate to a Universe that plans. But I can relate to the Old Gods. [Read more…]