The Collapse of the West and the Future of the Human Species

06 03 Houston

Rome ruled the West for 400 years, but its empire collapsed. In this hemisphere, the Mayans, the Incas, and the Aztecs had their day, but their empires are long gone. What could possibly make anyone think contemporary Western society will have a different fate – other than nationalistic propaganda or garden-variety wishful thinking? [Read more...]

There Is No Supernatural

ECG 2014 05b

“Supernatural” is a convenient but lazy word that means “something outside the realm of what we ordinarily experience.” The fact that the word is needed indicates our experiences of Gods, spirits, and the results of magic have never stopped. [Read more...]

The Thanksgiving Arms Race

1985 Edwards AFB B1

I understand why retailers are opening on Thanksgiving, but I still don’t like it. What’s behind the Thanksgiving Arms Race, and more importantly, what can we do about it? [Read more...]

A Pagan Thanksgiving

cornfield McKinney August 2014 b

Where do the bounties of Nature come from? Two things are certain: they didn’t come from us and they didn’t have to come at all, as the never-ending stories of famine and hunger remind us. They are gifts, and the first response to a gift is to say “thank you.” [Read more...]

Rewilding: Privilege and Reality

SPI 2011 60

We are the product of 10,000 years of civilization, 10,000 years of keeping the wild at bay. And yet like the dog who hears the howl of the wolf, we hear the Wild Gods call to us. Why? And how will we respond? [Read more...]

Rewilding Our World

Yukon sled dogs

George Monbiot suggests “for more wonder, rewild the world.” But we’ve been taught the wild is something to be feared and controlled, something to drive out of ourselves and pretend we never had it in the first place. How can we rewild our lives? And what do we do when the wild shows up on our doorsteps uninvited? [Read more...]

We’re Still Here and the Earth is Still Sacred

Dinosaur Valley 07.13.14 25

Has Pagan environmentalism failed? Strictly speaking, yes. But there have been some successes, and we’re not done yet. [Read more...]

A Meditation on Air

sunrise 03.30.14 03

The four elements are part of our wider Pagan culture and I think it’s worthwhile to revisit them occasionally. Today I’d like to ask you to join me in contemplating the element of Air. [Read more...]