Why We Make Offerings

If you’re new to polytheism, especially if you come from a Protestant background where religion is all about beliefs, dogma, and the written word, the idea of offerings may strike you as odd or unnecessary. But for many of us, offerings are the cornerstone of our religious practice. [Read more…]

What Do We Offer?

What do you offer to the world? What does your group offer to the world? Is it what you’ve always done or what you feel like you must do? Or is it a deliberate decision that balances your strengths, skills, and resources? Does it consider not only what you need to receive, but also what you need to give? [Read more…]

How Much Piety Do We Need?

Through pious practice we form and maintain connections to the gods, we are reminded of the differences between ourselves and the gods, and we start to close those differences and become more god-like. [Read more…]

Morrigan Devotional Ritual

When small groups of like-minded Pagans work together in an intimate setting, great things can – and do – happen. This is the story of one such group and our devotion to the Goddess Morrigan. [Read more…]

Wondering About Offerings

Introducing a spiritual practice – even a familiar one – in ritual is like planting seeds. I wonder what will sprout from the practice of making offerings? [Read more…]

Render Due Honor

On a cold Friday night in Texas, forty people came together and rendered due honor to the Goddess Brighid at her festival of Imbolc. [Read more…]