The Commodification of Humanity


Rhyd Wildermuth had a thought-provoking essay on Saturday’s Wild Hunt titled “Alchemical Capitalism.” It explores the issue of usury and the dark magic within capitalism.Rhyd writes from the perspective of an anarchist and a Marxist. I know virtually nothing about Marx beyond a few famous quotes and the fact that the large-scale efforts to implement his theories were disastrous failures (which does not necessarily mean those theories were wrong – doesn’t mean they were right, either). I do, h … [Read more...]



Earlier this week the new website launched with columns by ten prominent Polytheists. The project is led by the Anomalous Thracian, who is fond of saying “it’s a damn fine time to be a Polytheist.”And it is. Polytheism was the default religious worldview from the time our most ancient ancestors became human until a very short time ago, on an evolutionary scale. It never really disappeared, even in the regions that have been officially – and at times, forcefully – committed to m … [Read more...]

CUUPS Revisioning Survey


The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is beginning an intensive process of revisioning and we need your help.Our goal is to produce a mission and vision statement that will set the high-level direction for CUUPS and for building a shared sense of identity and purpose. We want to include all our stakeholders: CUUPS members, UU-friendly Pagans, and Pagan-friendly UUs – if you have an opinion on what CUUPS is and what it should be, we want to hear from you.The first survey is open n … [Read more...]

The Reality of the Gods

Sulis Minerva - Bath

Last week I had an e-mail with a question that was both very simple and incredibly complex: “Are the Gods real? I want to believe!”How can I answer that question with integrity?How can I answer that question in a way that honors the Gods and Goddesses who have made Themselves known to me? How can I answer it in a way that honors science and the scientific method? How can I answer it in a way that honors the sovereignty of the questioner? How can I answer it in a way that honors the mys … [Read more...]

Druids: A Very Brief Introduction

Awen Flag at ECG 2013

I’m a member of a Druid order. I read Druid books and I go to Druid gatherings. I wear a Druid robe and I introduce myself as a Druid. But just what is a Druid?In the past week I’ve had multiple questions on Druids and Druidry. That’s usually a sign it’s time for me to blog about the questions and my take on the answers. A full answer requires several books (which I’ll recommend at the end), but here’s a very brief introduction to Druidry as I understand it and as I practice it.The Ancien … [Read more...]

Polytheism is the Future

pouring offering high res

Editors' Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Patheos community here.This summer Patheos has featured a weekly series titled “Conversations on Religious Trends.” Each of Patheos’ eleven channels has addressed an issue of particular concern to its tradition – the Pagan Channel was asked to write on the failure of the environmental movement.For the final week, the editors asked represent … [Read more...]

True Blood Meets the True Death


There are no final episode spoilers in this review, although it does discuss the episode in general terms. There are spoilers for earlier in Season 7.I’ve always loved supernatural horror. I grew up rushing home from elementary school to watch the original Dark Shadows. I love the Universal monster movies of the 1930s and 1940s and Bram Stoker’s Dracula is rapidly catching up with Bela Lugosi’s 1931 version as my most-watched movie of all time.So when HBO brought Charlaine Harris’ Sookie … [Read more...]

In Praise of the Wheel of the Year

Druid Wheel of the Year by Dana Wiyninger

One of the first things I learned when I began exploring Paganism back in the early 1990s was the Wheel of the Year, the eight seasonal celebrations that are the sabbats of Wicca and the high days of Druidry. The Wheel was presented as the re-establishment of ancient Celtic holidays marking the agricultural cycle. The eight festivals were a way to reconnect to the land and to our pre-Christian ancestors and a an opportunity to celebrate being Pagan.I had trouble with the high days when I was … [Read more...]