Owning Land in an Animist World

We can own land, at least in a limited sense of the term. But owning land does not give us absolute control over it. Rather, it increases our ability and our responsibility to care for the land like the living, inspirited being it is. [Read more…]

The Monsters that Live in the Depths

Some aren’t interested in deeper practice. Some aren’t ready for it… but when are any of us really ready for an Otherworldly experience? And some are afraid of the monsters that live in the depths. But here is the door, waiting to be opened. [Read more…]

Three Forms of Immortality

To be human is to live with the realization that we are alive but that some day we will die. We mostly live with this fatal certainty by ignoring it, but sometimes we wonder about what – if anything – comes after death. I see three forms of immortality. [Read more…]

The Authority of the Gods

The older I get the more I realize just how much I don’t know. If someone else shows they know more than I do, I’m going to listen carefully to what they have to say. This has been my experience with the Gods. [Read more…]

Stepping Aside

October 31 will be my last day as Coordinating Officer of Denton CUUPS. I will remain an active member, but I’m stepping aside from formal leadership. [Read more…]

Feeling Small in the Presence of the Gods

Feeling small in Nature isn’t the result of some artificial hierarchy – in the immensities of Nature you are small. Likewise, feeling small in the presence of the Gods helps you respect Their virtues, which in turn helps you live a better life and build a better world here and now. [Read more…]

We Don’t Have to Own the Land to Honor the Land

Humans have always been migrants. We may settle down for a few generations, but then we move on. While rooting ourselves to a particular place can be beneficial, any robust religion must accommodate human movement. Fortunately, Paganism can do this. [Read more…]

The Jealous Druid

I’m amused that Jason Mankey is jealous of me. But I have my own Pagan-related jealousies… [Read more…]