You Have A Destiny

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The future is not fixed. I’m not a special snowflake and neither are you. But you still have a destiny. Actually, you have two. [Read more...]

A Skeptic’s Guide to Gods and Spirits

Lake Tahoe 2015

We live in a thoroughly materialist culture – many of us are reluctant to discuss our spiritual experiences for fear of being dismissed, ridiculed, or even shunned. Yet these experiences are real, powerful, and waiting for us to figure out what they mean. What can skeptics do when they counter Gods and spirits? [Read more...]

The Obligations of Religion

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The freedom of Paganism is a great thing, but let’s remember that good, strong, meaningful religion also carries obligations. [Read more...]

A Pagan at Donner Pass

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We treat Nature as something other, something to be conquered and exploited, never remembering that like the Donner Party, our ill-informed actions have very real consequences. [Read more...]

The Authority to Initiate

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Without the lineage and heritage of a recognized group, is an initiation valid? There are two sources of authority by which a group of non-lineaged Pagans can perform initiations. [Read more...]



Previously I’ve written about how to plan and compose initiation rituals. This is how we actually did it in 2012. [Read more...]

Composing Initiation Rituals

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A member of your Pagan group has asked you for an initiation. You’re not part of an organization that has an established initiation ritual and a policy on who can be initiated. Now what do you do? [Read more...]

Planning Initiation Rituals

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What do you do if someone asks you for an initiation? My first questions are always “why?” and “what do you hope to gain by initiation?” [Read more...]