A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

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I encourage you to read A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment and if you are in general agreement, to sign it. Over 3,600 Pagans have already signed the statement – the working group that put it together is trying to get 10,000 signatures by the Summer Solstice. [Read more...]

Advice To A Young Pagan

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There will be days when your Paganism is beautiful, powerful, and magical. Keep practicing. There will be days when your Paganism seems empty and lifeless. Keep practicing. Paganism isn’t something you believe or something you have to qualify for. It’s something you do and something you are. [Read more...]

Walking Between the Worlds

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Paganism is neither solely concerned with Gods and spirits, nor with social justice and other this-world concerns. A healthy, vibrant Paganism needs both. [Read more...]

The Garland Shooting: Innocents Get Hurt

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The two men who attacked an anti-Islam gathering in Garland last night are dead and I can’t say I’m sorry. But I wonder if the organizers of the event understood that innocent people could also get hurt… or if they cared. [Read more...]

Beltane: An Inclusive Ritual That Works

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Denton CUUPS Beltane was traditional and current, inclusive and polytheist. That’s not always easy, but it can be done. [Read more...]

Beltane – A Holy Day

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It’s good to reclaim sacred sexuality from the Neopuritans who preach abstinence and shame, and from the evil sorcerers of marketing who use sex to persuade us to buy stuff we neither want nor need. But Beltane is about a lot more than sex. [Read more...]

Many Ways To Make A Good Marriage

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The real question isn’t who gets to decide, it’s whether we cling to the harmful idea that there’s only one right way or if we accept and embrace our differences. [Read more...]

A Druid With a Camera

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The stereotypical tourist with a camera is a stereotype for a reason – it’s easy to get caught up in taking pictures and miss out on experiencing a new place or event. But photography has taught me a few things I might not have learned otherwise. [Read more...]