Lessons From a Broken Flower

Something that could have been beautiful tried to rise too far too fast without the support it needed, and now it is no more. [Read more…]

I Do Believe In Mercury Retrograde! I Do, I Do, I Do!

There’s nothing like first-hand experience to change your beliefs – all of a sudden I’m a firm believer in Mercury Retrograde. [Read more…]

The Return of the Dark

As we approach the Autumn Equinox and as we get ready to celebrate Mabon or whatever your tradition calls this point on the Wheel of the Year, take a few minutes to appreciate passing from the Light Half to the Dark Half. [Read more…]

Druids, Polytheism, and Impermanence

What do an OBOD camp and the Buddhist principle of impermanence have to do with conflict in the Polytheist Movement? In my case, quite a lot. [Read more…]

Building Our Polytheism

In a local, face-to-face group, you quickly learn what’s worth fighting over and what isn’t. Online, all we have are discussions. We don’t have to work together to plan the next public ritual. So there’s nothing to keep us from letting honest religious disagreements turn into taking things personally… or into making them personal. [Read more…]

My Religion is a Religion of Relationships

As anyone who has ever been in any kind of a romantic partnership will attest, relationships require work. Fail to do that work and the relationship will crumble. The same is true of our religious relationships. [Read more…]

A Foundation of Mighty Ancestors

If you’re looking for the foundations of most polytheist religions, you don’t have to dig very far before you run into ancestors. Ancestor veneration doesn’t require special revelation – it comes intuitively to almost all of us. [Read more…]

Polytheism Doesn’t Need Saving, It Needs Practicing

We have everything we need to restore polytheism and our many polytheist religions to a prominence they haven’t seen in almost 2000 years. We just have to stop trying to save polytheism and start practicing polytheism. [Read more…]