Rebuilding a Religion

If you believe one of the world’s many religions has exclusive possession of The Truth, your only option is to find that religion and adopt its beliefs and practices 100%, whether you agree with them or not. It’s not so simple for those of us following new and reconstructed religions. [Read more…]

Three Hours in the Temple

At Pantheacon I was honored to spend three hours serving the Gods and our community as a temple priest. It was an amazing experience. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: Denton CUUPS’ first circle since the fire, Pantheacon plans, Many Gods West, the Super Bowl, and more. [Read more…]

I’m Thankful For The Pagan Community

As you gobble your turkey and say your prayers of gratitude next Thursday, remember to give thanks for our Pagan community. It’s a difficult community and often a frustrating community, but it’s a good community and I’m glad we’ve got it. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: Pagan Unity Fest, Pagan Pride Day, a new OBOD seed group in North Texas, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and more. [Read more…]

No Pantheacon Envy

In a perfect world I’d be at Pantheacon this weekend. But the world isn’t perfect and I’m staying at home. Unlike previous years, though, this year I don’t have Pantheacon envy. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: odds and ends from Pantheacon, memorizing rituals vs. reading them, toning and chanting in rituals, a new CD from Amelia Hogan, the new season of Game of Thrones and more. [Read more…]

A Libation Without a Prayer is Just a Spilled Drink

The Pantheacon panel on Sacrifice and Modern Paganism brought five knowledgeable Pagans together for a discussion of the noble and necessary art of sacrifice. [Read more…]