Religion and Politics – A Pagan Perspective

Cotton Mather is dead and he's not coming back

This week the Patheos Public Square page has invited bloggers to write on the topic “Faith Leaders and Political Engagement: Time to Pull Back?”  Like so many group writing projects this question has some Christian assumptions, but I think it’s still worthwhile to look at it from a Pagan perspective.One of the founding principles of the United States is the separation of church and state:  the government may not establish a religion and no religious body may control public policy.  The exact … [Read more...]

The Global Public Square


The Global Public Square by Os Guinness 240 pages, $12.80 from InterVarsity Press Not every good idea needs a book to promote it.Many of the best ideas are so simple and so self-evident that long explanations subtract more than they add.  That’s not universally true, but it’s definitely true with the idea of freedom of religion.The Global Public Square is the most recent entry in the Patheos Book Club.  When Patheos offered me a review copy I recognized Os Guinness’ name bu … [Read more...]