The Challenges of Oracular Leadership

Some messages from the Gods are mysteries to be pondered. Others are orders that require a deep commitment to do what you’ve been asked to do, no matter what it costs. [Read more…]

A Community is a Living Thing

Our Pagan groups are more than collections of individuals. They’re living things with their own traditions and missions. [Read more…]

Samhain – Burning the Old Year

Most years I’m excited about the Otherworldly aspects of Samhain. This year I’m excited about the turning of the year, because the year that started last Samhain can’t end soon enough. [Read more…]

Who Is My Co-Religionist?

We can have our own beliefs and refine them in conversation with others. We can practice parts of our religion with some people and other parts with other people. We can gather with anyone and everyone who shares our values, whether they express those values in the same way or not. [Read more…]

A Pagan Crisis of Faith

When faced with the reality of the Gods and spirits, some Pagans revel in the confirmation of our magical worldview, despite the complications it brings. Others rationalize their experiences away in the hope they won’t have to deal with spiritual beings with minds and wills of their own. [Read more…]

A Legacy of Magic

Magic has been a part of religion since the beginnings of religion, and it is part of the polytheist religion I practice. Magic is our legacy, one we would do well to reclaim and relearn. [Read more…]

A Legacy of Oracles and Seers

Oracular work is an ancient practice that has mostly been lost to the Western world during the Christian era. Reviving it reclaims a sacred tradition and emphasizes the presence of the Gods in our world. [Read more…]

Where Does Religion End and Politics Begin?

Most of us say we want to keep religion out of politics, but where does religion end and politics begin? [Read more…]