The Power of Prayer

04.19.14 03

The purpose of prayer is not to grant our wishes, or even our needs. Neither is it to heap sycophantic praise on some insecure deity. The purpose of prayer is to draw us closer to the Gods through intimate conversation with Them, and in doing so become more like Them. [Read more...]

A Pagan at the National Day of Prayer

01 01 Plymouth Rock

Many public events for the National Day of Prayer restrict participation to Christians, but an interfaith event in Denton, Texas also included Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Baha’is, Unitarian Universalists, and Pagans. [Read more...]

How Much Piety Do We Need?

statue of Religion in Boston Common

Through pious practice we form and maintain connections to the gods, we are reminded of the differences between ourselves and the gods, and we start to close those differences and become more god-like. [Read more...]

Iamblichus on Prayer

de mysteriis

1700 years ago, Iamblichus wrote “extended practice of prayer nurtures our intellect, enlarges very greatly our soul’s receptivity to the gods, reveals to men the life of the gods, accustoms their eyes to the brightness of divine light, and gradually brings to perfection the capacity of our facilities for contact with the gods.” His ideas are still relevant to modern Pagans. [Read more...]