How Should Pagan Clergy Dress?

We who serve as Pagan clergy have an obligation to our Gods and to our traditions to present ourselves as serious, competent, and thoughtful. This require study and practice, but it also requires paying attention to how we dress. [Read more…]

Paying Pagan Clergy – An Organic Approach

The goals of Pagan priesthood are to serve the Gods, to mediate for the Gods, and to serve the community. Let’s focus on the ends and let the means sort themselves out. [Read more…]

Not Her Priest

I wear many religious hats and fill many religious roles. One of them is priest. But in a polytheistic setting, not everyone needs to be a priest, and one need not be a priest of a deity to work with and for Her. [Read more…]

The Call of a Goddess

Though I very much want to write a dissertation on seeking the gods, I can’t tell you how to find a patron deity. Every god is different, every person is different, and every journey is different. But I can tell you what actions have been helpful to me, and I can tell you how I came to know one particular goddess. [Read more…]